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Spherpoidize Annealing
To improve the mach inability of the annealed hypereutectoid steel Spherodize annealing is applied. This process will produce a spheroid or globular form of a carbide in a ferritic matrix which makes the machining easy. Prolonged time at the elevated temperature will completely break up the pearlitic structure and cementite network. The structure is called Spheroidize. This structure is desirable when minimum hardness; maximum ductility and maximum machinability are required.
The benefits of a Spheroidize annealing are :
Improved ductility.
Removal of residual stresses that result from cold working or machining.
Improved machinability.
Grain refinement .

Annealing reduces the hardness; yield strength and tensile strength of the steel. Under the one roof of Vastupal Bearing Races Ltd., Spheroidize Annealing is accomplished with Electric furnaces.
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